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Are you looking for a life partner or a soul mate? A marriage is a vow between two people to spend the rest of their lives together come what may. It is a legal partnership not between two people but two SOULS. Most people in our society believe in ‘Guna Milan’ especially in Hindu Mythology and would only strictly consider the match of ‘Gunas’ of the bride and the groom to then agree upon the marriage which may or may not work.

Apart from ‘Gunas’, most people obviously consider only external selection parameters such as looks, colour complexion, height, etc. and at times completely miss out on ‘internal parameters’ such as nature, character, luck factor and durability, which are abstract and invisible and later in life face a lot of marital issues.

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Shwetketu is the best matrimonial site that is simple to use. It is completely online premium matrimony service provider which will help you to choose your life partner considering factors like nature, character, luck and durability.

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